This blog is a complement to and is dedicated to technology. It started as my private notebook where I jotted down interesting stuff I read on tech, so that I had a reference for later use. Then, I thought, hey, why not make it public? So here it is: “From The Trenches - The Code”.

Who am I?

My name is Alexandru Gris. I worked in the video-games industry for a relatively long time, at Ubisoft Entertainment. Then I switched to Internet software and then the Sports Betting industry.

My career evolved from software developer, lead programmer, producer and production director, technologist and CTO. I love building stuff while working with smart, creative people. I have a strong interest in software architecture, clean code, leadership, organization design, entrepreneurial thinking and high quality project management. I have recently acquired a new interest: statistics and machine learning, thus some of the posts on this blog are related to that.


Thanks for visiting! If you find anything interesting on this blog, please don’t hesitate to reach out.